1. Opinions? RB26 swapped S30 a local dude is building…. 
    But seriously wtf with the fender flares…. i know theyre taped on but straight up you can tell instantly they wont fit nicely……. worst part is that its carbon fibre so he can really do any modifications. 

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    exactly my point… I think this guy has half his ideas right, and half brain fart. He bought gold XXR 527 15” and then...
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    He’d have to modify the fender flare and cut the material behind to get a good fit.
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    Isn’t this an s130? I don’t know how good the ZG style flares will work on a boxier style ZX. He’d do better to fit...
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    My goals were a rb26 s30 too, but completely aesthetically different. That looks like a lot of rear panel cutting...
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    Wait till he cuts his fenders